10 Of The Weirdest Websites On The Internet 2021

The internet really is a wonderful place. It caters for all our curiosities, interests and hunger for knowledge. People used to say ” Think of something and you will find it on the internet. Internet is really a place of mystery and fascination.

There’s educational sites, shopping sites holiday sites that make it easier than ever to find knowledge, products that you want or need. You can learn online, bank online, shop online , literally you can do anything on the internet.

But along with useful sites there are some weirdest websites which you might wonder why do they exist. If you’re looking for pointless, weird and irrelevant websites, then be prepared to have your mind blown with this unruly bunch. I’m here to bring you to the world’s most useless websites. So let’s move on…



” Arnold Sailormoonegger: “Because Washington Is Hollywood For Ugly People! Kahlifornia!” “,this is what this website tells. The person behind this site is obviously mental. Help him if you can. We can award this website the most pointless website in the world.



Send this to someone who you want to show middle finger. This website gives you the middle finger, again and again and again. Completely pointless and useless website at its best. Do visit and check it out!.

Cat Bounce


Do u like cats the most? Then this website is for you. Here you can have fun with cats allowing them to bounce around your screen like a ping pong ball. Do visit it its fun and exciting.



Next on our list of weirdest websites we have this website here. This site actually can make you sick. The moving graphics actually does make you feel like you are falling into an infinity. It also has a background music to add flavor. Do check this out. Its quite interesting.



Have you every felt bad in any situation in you work or school and wanted to shout Nooooooo on top of your voice? Then feel safe in the knowledge that you have a resource which allows you to press a button to get instant relief from your pain or stress without people thinking that you’ve lost the plot completely. Here in this website you can find a blue button. Pop on your headphones and press how much ever time you want to make you feel better. Darth Vader will do the job of screaming for you.



There’s nothing much to this site. It just has a white background and a very small FB like button. If you wish give a like you can procced and give one but certainly after reading the article completely. Already 406K people have given like.

Electric Boogie Woogie

electric boggie woogie

A very weird website that is basically just an animated version of Mondrian’s ‘Broadway Boogie Woogie’ . Nothing more, nothing less.



Are you a dog lover? Then this website is for you. This website just loads and loads of badly animated corgi dogs. Awesome website! Do visit it.



No description need. Just WTF!


stagging beauty

Here in this website you can find a weird eel type creature that moves erratically when you put your cursor over it. There’s also some freaky, psychedelic backgrounds as well, which isn’t great if you suffer from epilepsy. If you shake it vigorously you can bee some flashing and annoying flashing images. So don’t shake it vigorously if you have any seizure.

So we have come to the end of weirdest websites list. Comment down below which one you liked the most. Also stay tuned for the part 2. It’s on the way. Don’t forget to share this with your friends. Also do check out our other posts here.

Have a great day!

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