Top 15 Ways to Earn Money Online in 2021

Tired of clicking on Ads and filling surveys to earn money online? Well, you don’t have to do those things after reading this blog. I’m going to share Top 15 realistic ways by which you can earn money online in 2021. I’ll not tell you to fill Surveys or to Install any app to earn. I’m going to share 15 most effective and 100% working ways by which you can earn money online in 2021.

So, now what are we waiting for? Let’s get started

Top 15 Realistic Ways to Earn Money Online in 2021 :

  1. Blogging
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Online Selling
  4. Dropshipping
  5. Social Media Influencer
  6. App Development
  7. Website Designing
  8. YouTube
  9. Online Typing Jobs
  10. Content Writing
  11. Social Media Marketing
  12. Search Engine Optimization
  13. E-Commerce Niche Store
  14. Photo Selling
  15. Freelancing

Tired of clicking on Ads and filling surveys to earn money online? Well, you don’t have to do those things after reading this blog.

I’m going to share Top 15 realistic ways by which you can earn money online in 2021. I’ll not tell you to fill Surveys or to Install any app to earn.

I’m going to share 15 most effective and 100% working ways by which you can earn money online in 2021.

So, now what are we waiting for? Let’s get started :

1. Earn Money Online with Blogging

Blogging? Yes! Blogging is one of the best ways to make sustainable income online. You can earn way more than you think from it.

Bloggers in India are making more than Rs. 20,00,000/- (20Lakh) per month!

That’s also true that you have to put a lot of effort into it and have to consistent, but once your blog starts getting some good amount of traffic. you can earn a lot from your blog.

There are many ways of blogging from which you can start making money. But two of the most popular ways are Google Adsense and Affiliate Marketing.

You can earn a hell lot of money if your blog succeed.

You also don’t need to invest a lot of money in order to start your blogging career. All you need to start your Blogging career is a Domain and a good Hosting.

2. Make Money Online with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is the way by which you can earn money online in India without investment. It’s also one of the easiest ways by which you can make money online. If you don’t know anything about affiliate marketing then here a summary for you:

In Affiliate marketing, you have to promote another brand/company’s product. If someone buys anything from your referrals then you get some percentage of the products price as a commission.

This is the easiest way to earn money online and you can start earning from today through affiliate marketing.

You can also use affiliate marketing with Blogging. There are many bloggers out there who are making much more money from their blog with the help of Affiliate Marketing. You can also start a niche-specific blog like a DSLR Review blog and put your affiliate marketing links there.

3. Earn Money Online with Online Selling

Online Selling is the most effective way by which you can earn money online. This is not like other ways for earning money, it’s a business and you can scale it up on a very large scale.

But, as this is a business! You have to invest some money into it. Don’t worry, you don’t have to invest a lot of money to start your online selling business in India.

But it a cool and one of best way to earn online.

4. Make Money Online with Dropshipping

Dropshipping can make you a millionaire!

Yes! That’s true, you can become a millionaire by doing dropshipping and many people already doing great into it.

Dropshipping is not so hard and you can start your online store in just a few clicks. And the best thing about a Dropshipping business is that you don’t need to take any worry about products and shipments.

In a Dropshipping store, you add products from companies inventory like AlibabaAliexpress, and more like that. You have to add you margin into it and then you can list it on your website.

The main thing which can get you success in a Dropshipping business is Marketing.

Marketing is the most important thing in Dropshipping business and with marketing, I didn’t mean about Television and Newspaper Ads! I’m talking about Digital Marketing.

You have to promote the products you listed on your website/Dropshipping store so that people can reach your website and purchase the products.

5. Earn Money Online as a Social Media Influencer

Do you know that Social Media Influencers are taking more than Rs.1,00,000 for a single post or brand promotion!

Yes, you can earn that much if you became a Social Media Influencer and not only that! You can also start a blog or do affiliate marketing as you already have a good audience who follows you, so you can easily achieve success.

But, How you can become a Social Media Influencer in 2021?

Well, here are a few tips which I can give you:-

  1. Find a niche
  2. Build your brand
  3. Publish good content
  4. Engage with your audience
  5. Build networks
  6. Promote yourself
  7. Don’t buy followers

6. Earn from App Development

App Development is again one of the best ways to earn money online in India! But the thing is that this will not work for everyone.

But I’ve got an alternative if you don’t want to learn app development but want to build your own app and make money online form it.

Learning App Development is not easy. You have to put a lot of effort into it, only then you can build good mobile Apps.

If you are ready to put effort, then that’s great! You can learn app development and start building apps. Then, you can put your apps on the Google Play Store or sell your apps online. You can also do app development for companies and earn a lot.

But in case you don’t want to learn app development and coding, then what?

Well, you can use an online platform known as “AppsGeyser” through which you can build your apps and publish it on Google Play Store and link it with Google Adsense to earn money from it.

7. Make Money from Website Designing

Website Designing is a great way by which you can make money online.

As I’m also doing Website Designing from last years and have earned more than Rs.2,00,000/- till now by doing simple website designing works.

Also, I never take that seriously. I’m just doing it as a side source of income and that’s why I earned only two lacs in a year. If I do it seriously, I can make two lacs within a month by doing Website Designing. So, now you know how much you can earn by building a website and the best part of it is you don’t have to go anywhere and not have to invest money in order to start it.

You can learn WordPress Website Development from YouTube and start earning online by building websites for businesses.

8. Make Money Online from YouTube

Earn money online from YouTube!

You have to be patient if you want to start your career with YouTube in the right way.

YouTuber’s are earning more than Rs.10,00,000/- per month and there are no limitations on your earning.

There are two options when you want to start your journey with YouTube.

  1. Earn money online and become famous (The Right Way)
  2. Earning is the only motive (The Wrong way)

In the first one, you have to be patient and you won’t get success overnight while in the second one you can get success overnight.

In the right way, you have to put good content which helps you in getting famous as well as earn money online.

Well, in the wrong way, you can put anything which people like to watch.

For example, many videos are in trending last year like the “ENO Face Pack video” and “Put Lemon and Cloves under your Pillow and you will become rich”.

Those types of video are not recommended to upload on YouTube and also it’s against YouTube Policy but if your video goes viral, you can earn a hell lot of money from it.

9. Online Typing Jobs

Do you have some good typing speed? Then why you don’t try some online typing jobs?

You can get typing jobs online from freelancing websites like FreelancerUpworkFiverrAirTasker and more. You can easily earn more than 100 USD per day and if do this seriously.

This is also the easiest way to earn money online if you have a laptop and a good typing speed.

All you need to do in this job is that your client will give you some documents in PDF or Image format and you have to type it in MS Word or Notepad.

Yes! That’s so simple and you can make tons of money from it.

10. Earn Money Online with Content Writing

Good at Writing? I have something for you!

See, below are some Content Writers on Fiverr and see how much they are charging for their service.

Content Writer Earnings - Fiverr | Startup Sutra

Content Writing service is the best way to earn money online in India if you have good writing skills. Especially in 2021, where every business needs a content writer to write content on their website.

A good content writer is a person who can write good and unique content which is SEO friendly. If you don’t familiar with the term SEO then you can learn about it online for free from YouTube.

For getting projects you can join freelancing sites or your can simply build connections on LinkedIn and get projects easily.

11. Earn Money Online from Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is a part of Digital Marketing in which you promote products/services/brand or a business on Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and more like that.

You might be thinking that “What’s the role of a Social Media Marketer? or “What is the work of a Social Media Marketer?

So, have a look at the work you have to do as a Social Media Marketer:-

  1. Brand Development
  2. Identify Target Customers
  3. Set Clear Objectives
  4. Visual Design and Web Development Strategy
  5. Solid Content Strategy
  6. Promotion Strategy
  7. Engagement Strategy
  8. Conversion Strategy
  9. Measure & Analyze to Establish ROI

12. Earn Money Online from Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is also a part of Digital Marketing. SEO is used to rank a website on Google and this is one of the best ways to earn money online in 2021.

There are two ways by which you can make money from Search Engine Optimisation!

The first one is by doing Freelance Works, and the second one is that you can start your own blogs, rank it up on Google and earn money from your blogs.

If you know Search Engine Optimisation then you can earn a lot online by putting little efforts into it.

Your can also start your own SEO Agency if you can invest a few thousands in it.

SEO is one of those industries where hard work doesn’t work, you have to do Smart Work here and you can easily earn more than a lac online.

13. E-Commerce Niche Store

If you can invest little money to earn money online, this is the best thing you can do!

E-Commerce Niche Store is almost similar to Online Selling but in a niche store, you are going to deal in a specific niche?

Now, you might be thinking that “Hey, What do you mean by a niche-specific store?

Well, a niche-specific store is a store which deals in a single sub-category. For example, Let’s assume that I started an e-commerce store in which I’m going to sell Spices. Now, my store is dealing with only spices and not any other products. This is an e-commerce niche store.

Now, How much investment do you need to start an E-Commerce Niche Store in India?

Well, if you want to start a niche store in India, the first thing you need is a GST Registration.

Yes! GST registration is mandatory if you are making inter-state transactions. If you want to deal in a single state then you can skip it.

And don’t worry, GST Registration is completely free and you can easily get your GST Registration from the official GST website. (

Then the second most important thing is you need to build a website for your store.

Basically, you will need something around Rs.2000/- to Rs.10,000/- if you want to start a nice store in India and earn money online.

14. Make Money Online from Photo Selling

Love clicking picture? Well, you might not know that you can actually earn money online by selling your photos on websites like Shutterstock.

You don’t need to buy a DSLR for this! You can click good photos from your phone and sell it online.

If you can click good pictures, then you can easily earn a lot by selling your photos online but if you are bad in photography don’t waste your time on it.

15. Earn as a Freelancer

Ever heard about Freelancing before? No! Well, no problem. Let me tell you how you can earn money online in India by doing freelance works.

Basically, a Freelancer is a person who will take a small project and complete it in an exchange of some money.

You can do anything which you like as a freelancer. If you have good typing speed, you can take Typing Jobs.

If you know Video Products, Animation, Graphic Designing, etc., then you can easily work as a freelancer and earn money online. In case, you don’t have any skills, then don’t waste your time and life and some good skills now!

Now, there are many websites which you can join in order to get freelance projects. Here are a few of them :- Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer

Now, that’s all about Top 15 Best & Realistic Ways to Earn Money Online in 2021. Hope you got some interesting information from this blog.

If you really want to earn money online then you have to work for it, you can’t just think of becoming rich without doing anything. The only thing which makes you right is your mindset and you have to understand it. You have to be focused and work towards your goal.

If you really want to do something in your life, do it in the right way and put your 100% into it.

All the best and for more useful content like this visit Burgee Byte. Also dont forget to share this article with your friends who wants to earn money online!

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