OnePlus and Oppo join forces? Both companies R&D departments merge

There has been talks going on about an Oppo insiders. The Insider claimed that Oppo and OnePlus had merged their research and development departments. Supporting his statement the fact that new employees brought onto the new department were to be hired by Oppo and not OnePlus. And the insider also stats that this merge is similar to that of Xiaomi and Redmi.

The news doesn’t seem too much astonishing. OnePlus and Oppo are both companies under BBK Electronics. And some OnePlus phone were just rebranded Oppo phones with Oxygen OS being the main differentiating factor. Because of this we could even predicted the upcoming OnePlus devies.

Despite all this similarities with Oppo, especially in terms of specs. OnePlus and Oppo does cater to different audience, and this is mainly dependent on the software departments.Color OS and Oxygen OS are intended for different markets and audiences. Oxygen OS concentrates on delivering a more cleaner stock experience. And Color OS is a bit more experimental with their animations and customizations. In addition, both Oppo and OnePlus will continue to operate as separate brands.

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