PUBG Mobile is now back in India officially

As you know PUBG Mobile was banned in India in September along with 117 other Chinese apps due to national security threats. As everyone is likely to be aware by now, PUBG would be making its comeback in India soon. As a feast to everyone, PUBG Mobile developers have announced that they will launch a new version of PUBG Mobile named PUBG Mobile India especially for Indian players. PUBG Corporation had announced that it will no longer authorize the PUBG Mobile franchise to Shenzhen-based Tencent Games in India and also they have partnered with Microsoft for user data protection. New version of PUBG will focus on data security and adhere to the local regulations.

Additionally, PUBG corporation has planned to establish a local head quarters where they would have their own Microsoft Azure data center. Also they are hiring people for support and communication.

PUBG Mobile teases Indian version ad featuring Dynamo, Kronten, and Jonathan

Today, PUBG Mobile India, on its new official Facebook page, and other social media pages teases new ad featuring Dynamo, Kronten and Jonathan. These ads didn’t give any dates on official release but these ads are Diwali gift for Indians.

PUBG to invest on India

Another sweet news is that PUBG Corp and Krafton would be investing around $100 million (approximately Rs. 746 crores) in India to boom the gaming and IT industry in India.

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