Samsung Exynos 2100 Vs Snapdragon 888

From last years experience, the Exynos version of the Samsung galaxy S20 was inferior to the Snapdragon one. With lower benchmark scores and even poor battery performance. So when this years Galaxy S21 came out everyone was eager to see how the latest Exynos chip faired against the Snapdragon one. And the wait is over. Samsung released its new S series phones last month. And even though it took a month, we have a slight insight into how both these chips compared.

GeekBench 5 Score

Exynos 210010823571
Snapdragon 88811273655
Source:- Nano Review

An Tutu 8 Score

Category Exynos 2100Snapdragon 888
Total Score687613712752
Source:- Nano Review

Judging by the scores things does not look good for Exynos. Last years Exynos chip trailed far behind the Snapdragon version of the Galaxy S20 in the battery department. But this year seems different both the Snapdragon and Exynos versions are on par. So we have to give it to Samsung. Last year the Exynos variant of S20 Ultra lacked behind the Snapdragon one by 10% in benchmark. This was reduced to 6% this year.

But in sustained or continuous tests the Snapdragon is 19% higher than that of the Exynos one. This is mainly contributed to the heating. By the time the tests are completed the Exynos registers 68°C. While the Snapdragon one sits at the initial temperature the Exynos started at i.e at 43°C.

Another problem is that the Camera is also influenced by the chipset. Two different chipset means two different image signal processors. And even though these are same phone with the same camera’s on paper the results can be distinguished. The fact that we are even comparing two same phones are absurd. As a end user we wont see much performance differences in our day to day life. So Exynos or Snapdragon both are powerful enough to power our needs.

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