Tips to improve your battery life (Smartphone Edition).

In this era of bigger batteries there is no worry about phones hitting zero. Fast charging also has reduced the burden of waiting for phones to get charged. Zero to a hundred in under an hour used to be a fantasy a few years back. Although there has been a lot of advancement’s, the search for longer battery life continues. Especially now with replaceable batteries being a thing of the past.

A phone has its best battery life for its first 6 months to a year. By or beyond two years many phones struggle to make it through the day on a single charge. The lithium-ion batteries that powers our phones and almost all our gadgets are chemically destined to degrade over time, holding less charge than they used to, and blowing through what little they have faster then before. It’s impossible to stop this process, but it is possible to slow it. And here are some tips for that.

A 100 might not always be good.

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It might seem a bit unorthodox and might not be pleasing to unplug your phone before it hits a century. But its not healthy for the battery. A lithium-ion battery doesn’t like to be fully charged. And it doesn’t like to be fully charged and warm. Ideally an 80% would be better than maxing it out. If you’re device runs iOS 13, you’re in luck because Apple’s new Optimized Battery Charging option allows you to do the same. Even with that it’s not always possible to keep your phone from fully charged. But if you could prevent it as much as possible, results can be seen in the long run. Also avoid leaving your phone to charge after 100%.

Touching on the same topic of battery percentage.

Just because you can revive it doesn’t mean you have to kill it.

Discharge your phone to a 0 is also not ideal for the health of the battery. And a 20% should be the limit at which you should charge your phone again. So in an ideal world you should charge your phone till 80% and never let it go below 20%. Lithium-ion batteries like to be charged in short spurts, so plugging in for five percent here and 10 percent there is not only fine, but advisable. If it seems impractical for you just topping up when you’ve used about half will see a notable improvement in your battery life over the long term

Your phone might be hotter than you

The combination of full charge and warm actually causes more stress than usage and that’s why we recommend charging till 80%. Also avoid leaving your fully-charged phone in the summer sun. And using your phone during charging might not be good too. Especially if your doing an intense task like gaming or watching videos. Because your battery is already getting heated due to the charging process and you don’t want to add to it.

Okay don’t be too much fixated on all these points. Try to follow them and keep them in the back of your mind. In the end, a lot of this is completely out of your hands. On top of that your usage might vary day-to-day and it might not be possible to do everything right. And lastly your phone might not last forever, at most 3 or 4 years. And unless companies design batteries for the long run or atleast go back to the replaceable one’s the things we could do is limited.

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