What is Linux? Alternative to ANDROID?

When we’re talking about smartphone operating systems everyone thinks about the big two, And by the big two I mean Android and IOS, pops up when smartphones OS is mentioned.

But there is one another interesting OS and that is Linux.

The main difference between Linux and the other two is that Linux is completely open-sourced.

Even though Android is open-sourced the skin or software on top of it limits the whole open-sourced experience,

on the other hand Linux phones are completely open-sourced, even the apps on it are open-sourced ,

which means that we can observe the amount of data an app collects from us and how they use it.

That’s a big deal now especially more apps are collecting our data and people are becoming sensitive about their data.

And since Linux is open-sourced if any problem is encountered people can solve it themselves,

And if there is a community of such people fixes for bugs and updates could roll out way earlier than if it were to come from a company say Samsung or Xiaomi.

Apart from all this we also get more options in Linux like

  • Librem
  • Ubuntu Touch
  • LineageOS 
  • Sailfish OS

But all this comes with a price and since Linux is open-sourced they cannot preinstall apps in their phones by which they can get any revenue.

The only money they make is at the time they sell the phone,

which makes these phones a bit more expensive than the other Android phones which offer the same specs and features.

That winds us our post and I hope you’ve got something new from here,

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