Why the PS5 controller is on a league of it’s own?

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Both the latest consoles, the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5 came out last month and we are still waiting for the latter here in India, On that note let’s get a closer look at the PS5 controller.

So how much of a difference does a controller make?

The controller is a major part which connects the user with the game apart from the display,

So the controller does have a greater impact on the whole experience than you would normally think.

With that in mind the PS5 controller is build extremely well with better haptics and the adaptive triggers

which varies the resistance offered depending on what’s happening on the screen and in the game.

Well how good is it?

To demo all these features Sony made the Astro’s Playroom,

And in the game the controller haptics feels different depending on what you touch.

Walk on sand feels different from walking on glass or water, every action feels different.

The adaptive triggers comes into action while pulling a rope or squeezing a spring,

the resistance varies for different actions.

These features make its more convincing to buy a PS5.

The way other games use these feature could be an interesting thing to see.

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